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5 Cleaning Habits That Are Good For Your Health

By Ellis Ranger

To most of us, cleaning is a tedious task, but for others it is a relaxing and therapeutic experience. However you perceive it, ensuring your property is as clean as possible is vital to promote a healthy life both mentally and physically.

It’s commonly stated that a clean home promotes a clean mind, so this blog will touch on this topic and how tasks you think are daunting are actually good for you. 

Here are 5 cleaning habits that are good for your health:

1. Making Your Bed

The first and most widely argued habit to get into is making your bed. Most of us probably do it, while those who don’t might argue that their bed is going to be messy again when they get in it later so making it is pointless. If the mentality of this is carried over into other cleaning procedures such as cleaning the dishes, then it means we’ve got some seriously bad habits. Making your bed in the morning also fills your brain with a small sense of achievement, as you have successfully completed a task as soon as you have woken up and will help set the foundations for a great day. 

2. Organising Your Space

An extension from making your bed is to ensure that your living and working area is always as tidy as possible. While people love to revel in the messiness of their personal spaces, swearing that they know where everything is, it is not productive and has been scientifically linked to tiredness and depression. The theory behind this is that if you are to walk into a messy room or office space, the clutter will be a reminder of tasks that you need to complete that haven’t been done. You will therefore struggle to find items that you need to do your job or complete tasks which in turn leads to a frustrating situation which is a trickle down effect for unwanted physical and emotional stress. Tackling this situation is easily done, dedicating 10-20 minutes at the start or end of your day to declutter and ensure things are as neat as possible before you start your day will go a long way to improving your overall mood and mental health. 

3. Treating Cleaning As Exercise

A huge part of cleaning that is often overlooked is the workout that comes with it. Whether you’re doing a task as boring as cleaning dishes or dancing around your front room with the vacuum like Freddie Mercury, every job has an exercise value that comes with it. Whilst it won’t produce the same effect as an intense workout, completing chores around your house of work space will help burn those calories you’ve been keen to shift. A article by Forbes touched on this topic, stating that tasks such as sweeping and mopping for an hour can burn around 240 calories, which isn’t bad going for a frowned upon task. The same goes for vacuuming. 160-180 calories is about the amount of calories you can lose after an hour of freshening up your floors and performing upholstery tasks. 

4. Doing Laundry

This is my personal and arguably the most commonly hated cleaning task, but we all have to do it. The glaring need to do this is that we all, for the most part, wear clothes every day and ensuring we have clean clothes for each day of the week is extremely important to ensure we are being hygienic, contributing to our overall health. It is very easy to be lazy and wear the same pair of pyjamas for 3 days straight over the weekend, and that is definitely not me speaking from experience. But making sure you tackle the laundry before the mountain forms is key. If time is a factor leading to laundry not being done as much as you’d like, taking 20 minutes out of your day to run one load through the wash, dry and sort will ensure a constant stream of clothes for you to wear and also prevent the constant pushing back of the task we have all fallen victim of at least once or twice in our lives. 

5. Hire Help If You Need It

It is important that if you are unable to perform these tasks for any reason, whether it be health, age or just simply time constraints due to work or other commitments, to hire a private cleaner or a cleaning firm to come and help. It’s a lot easier to fester in the mess that is rather than clean up, and every day spent leaving the mess is another day more is added to the pile makes our lives more and more stressful. Local cleaning teams are more than happy to set up re-occurring days to come and take care of the menial tasks for you if time is a luxury you’re unable to spare, and the worth behind doing this comes in the results you will see in your mental and physical health having the weight lifted from your shoulders. 

After a crazy couple of years with the emergence and threatening presence of Covid-19, it is important we are all doing our best to keep ourselves and those around us as healthy as possible, and I hope whilst the content seems obvious, this blog serves as a reminder of the small things you can do to contribute to staying healthy. 

And if you need a reliable and reputable cleaning company, contact CBS Cleaning, part of CBS Group, today on 01480 220434 or email info@cbs-cleaning.org.


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