Norovirus & Covid-19: Why We Can’t Back One Cause Against Another

By Ellis Ranger

The grip Covid-19 has over the UK is easing, but a reoccurring issue is expected to enter the fray. It’s the norovirus or as we probably more commonly know it, the winter vomiting bug. Major news outlets are already advising the public to remain cautious as cases have begun to spike since the easing of the most recent lockdown.

Whilst the virus has been returning for years, it is important to ensure we are staying mindful of it, especially during what has been a strange time for everyone. Which is why we can’t back one cause against another if there are two viruses in circulation.

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complacently foolish

Are We Becoming Complacently Foolish With Hygiene?

By Ellis Ranger

One month on from the lifting of most major restrictions in England, are we still paying extra attention to cleanliness to stop the spread of Covid-19? The importance of impeccable personal hygiene was bought to the forefront of all of our minds around the time of the first lockdown in March 2020.

Hand sanitiser sold out across most major stores, toilet roll and baby wipes disappeared from shelves quicker than they were able to be restocked. And domestic cleaning products were being purchased as if they were going out of fashion. But are we becoming complacently foolish when it comes to hygiene, despite life looking more ‘normal’? 

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Poor Office Hygiene: What Employers Must Do About It

Poor office hygiene is a risk factor for a Covid-19 outbreak. And although many of us will have been back in the office for a month or so, we still have to be careful. A lot has changed since the so-called Freedom Day on 19th July.

The ‘pingdemic’ caused nationwide chaos and many key workers were having to isolate until the government stepped in. And the rules have been gradually more and more relaxed. It means that double-jabbed people who come into close contact with someone who has tested positive won’t have to self-isolate.

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CBS Sounds

CBS Sounds Episode 2: Doing Things Property

The second episode of CBS Sounds explores the property market. Expert Paul Blake is our guest and we find out answers to all-important questions and get his predictions for what lies ahead between now and the end of the year.

Plus, we look at the well-documented stamp duty holiday and why some canny buyers got even more out of it. And what does the typical day in the life of an estate agent look like 18 months on from the first lockdown?

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The Cleaning Procedure That Saved Tokyo 2020

If successfully carrying out a cleaning procedure was an Olympic sport, the staff and volunteers in Japan would win probably win gold. The Games have been taking place at a time where the host city is in a state of emergency.

It has raised further questions about whether the Olympics should have been cancelled again. Organisers have defended their decision to go ahead despite the number of Covid cases rising. They argued that Tokyo 2020 should be a “celebration of hope”.

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Why Covid Cleaning Services Are Even Bigger This Summer

Nowadays, you can specifically book Covid cleaning services from cleaning companies such as CBS Cleaning. The pandemic is not officially over, so the need for them is greater than ever.

The number of people vaccinated is going up, but so are the number of positive tests. It means there’s still a lot of work to do to make the virus something we can learn to live with. Currently and even longer-term, Covid cleaning services will be one of the best lines of defence against outbreaks. Especially as more of us are back in the office and in the classroom.

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Why You Can’t Neglect Your Driveway

Several property experts will argue that your driveway, assuming you have one, is the most important part or feature of your house. Some would even go as far as saying it is a focal point as it’s the first thing you see from the street.

Perhaps it says a lot about the character of your house too. Whether it’s a gravel driveway, tarmac driveway or a concrete driveway, you need to look after it. Here are the reasons why:

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CBS Sounds

CBS Sounds Episode 1: The Renovation Game

CBS Sounds is a new monthly podcast where we combine expert opinions, engaging conversation and some fun along the way. We will explore a wide range of industries and meet guests who can teach us something new and offer interesting insights.

We’re talking renovation in our first ever CBS Sounds podcast. David Chicken, from Recruital and TwelveTalent recruitment agencies, tells us how CBS Waste helped him transform his office.

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New office clean

Why An Office Clean Should Be Top Priority

In an ideal world, employers will have carried out a deep office clean ahead of their staff returning from July 19th when nearly all restrictions are due to ease. Chancellor Rishi Sunak says he wants workers back in the office from the 19th.

It would make perfect sense to do so, especially if an office is closed. From a safety perspective, cleaners feel more comfortable knowing they won’t risk coming into contact with anyone.

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