Carpet cleaning

Will A Carpet Cleaning Boom Happen in 2021?

Carpet cleaning is a very important job and should be booked in at least once a year. After all, professional carpet cleaning is the surefire way to remove stains, bacteria and viruses.

If your carpet is off-colour or stained, a clean will restore it to its former glory and will be money well spent. But can demand for this service really take off this year? 

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End of tenancy clean

An End Of Tenancy Clean Can Actually Save You Money

An end of tenancy clean should be on your moving out checklist and landlords and letting agents will specifically ask you to arrange one.

The stamp duty holiday means that people are buying houses while they can so that they can benefit from the tax break. But before they leave their existing house, they have to restore it to the same condition that it was when they moved in.

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CBS Group space management

This Is Why Space Management Matters

The pandemic is easing, but there are still uncertainties about when we will fully return ‘to normal’. But one thing that is certain is that business owners and landlords will need to pay more attention to space management.

They have to ask themselves some important questions regarding how they will operate going forward and adapt for the future.

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The Surprising Chores That Make Us Happy

A Bank Holiday weekend is something that makes many of us happy. The same goes for sunny days, watching our favourite shows, home cooked food and having a cup of tea.

But there’s something else that’s bringing a smile to our faces. And you would be surprised what it is given its reputation for being dull in the eyes of many.

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Dirty green bin

One Job You Mustn’t Forget During The June Heatwave

If recent reports are to be believed, a June heatwave is on the horizon. Hopefully, it will coincide with the lifting of all coronavirus restrictions and most of us will enjoy temperatures in excess of 20 degrees Celsius.

The Met Office have been trying to play down the idea of a June heatwave, but it’s hard for us not to get excited about barbecues, parties and or even just a day at the beach. Especially after the washout May has been.

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Algae growth

How To Stem The Growth Of Algae

As well as hijacking our outdoor social plans, the growth of algae is another irritating issue caused by the recent torrential rain across the country.

And if you’re not planning on visiting any pubs with beer gardens anytime soon, it might be an idea to tackle your patio or driveway.

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