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5 Compelling Reasons Why You Need A Builders Clean

There are many cleaning services available and the coronavirus pandemic has put a greater emphasis on deep house cleaning and stopping the spread of the virus by cleaning surfaces more regularly. But a builders clean is a different kind of cleaning job is far from just a one-off.

It’s a service especially popular with builders and it means that a property is effectively cleaned in stages and enables contractors to carry out necessary work safely.

Here’s how one might work:

  • The first works are completed on a new build house.
  • A cleaner would come in and do a deep clean.
  • The finishing touches would be made by the builders and the dust will then need to settle.
  • The cleaner would return and do a final clean – also known as a sparkle clean.

At CBS Cleaning, this is a service we carry out thoroughly from beginning to end. Here are 5 reasons why you need them.

1. Allows builders to concentrate on building

While we take care of the cleaning, contractors can focus on what they do best.

2. You’ll get a very thorough job

Rather than a one-time clean, clients get a complete service from the beginning to the end of their project.

3. They have wide-ranging appeal

Builders cleans are also excellent for housing associations, private landlords, businesses and end of tenancies.

4. They’ll save you time

Time is money after all and you can even arrange for the cleans to take place out of regular office hours if needed.

5. Peace of mind

Chances are, builders will ask for a sanitising clean and with Covid-19 very much an issue, they know they’ll be able to work as safely as possible in their environment.


Book your builders clean today with CBS Cleaning by emailing info@cbs-cleaning.org or calling us on 01480 220434.


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