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What Does ‘Plan B’ Mean For The Cleaning Industry?

The government’s winter coronavirus plans are in the spotlight again with Plan B in particular proving to be a real talking point. According to some reports, the Prime Minister isn’t ready to bring it in yet while others suggest it’s on the horizon following the government’s prediction of a “challenging winter.”

In a desperate bid to avoid a fourth lockdown since March 2020, the government introduced a Plan A and Plan B in September. Either or both plans could be brought in should Covid-19 cases spiral out of control again this winter.

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Commercial Window Cleaning: For A Clear Vision

By Ellis Ranger

When it comes to cleaning your desks or washing up the coffee mugs the job normally gets done. Even if it is pushed back a day or two, we always get round to performing these tasks.

So why is this different with windows? A lot of businesses avoid getting their windows cleaned due to it being a very low priority task. But in fact, there are a plethora of benefits to keeping your vision clear to the outside world.

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Cleaning habits wellbeing

5 Cleaning Habits That Are Good For Your Health

By Ellis Ranger

To most of us, cleaning is a tedious task, but for others it is a relaxing and therapeutic experience. However you perceive it, ensuring your property is as clean as possible is vital to promote a healthy life both mentally and physically.

It’s commonly stated that a clean home promotes a clean mind, so this blog will touch on this topic and how tasks you think are daunting are actually good for you. 

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University Kitchen Hygiene: Tackling The Issue

As we head into October, we are beginning to see students return to campuses to start their university life whether as a fresher or a seasoned student. After almost two years of online learning for some, the social aspect of sharing a living space with friends or completely new people is an exciting prospect. 

However, with the ever present Covid-19 still lurking around, a lot of universities and local governing bodies are expressing the importance of University Kitchen Hygiene within student accommodation, with some interesting facts coming out to nudge students to make more of an effort at remaining clean and safe during this new term.

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CBS Sounds

CBS Sounds Episode 3: Young Blood

The third episode of the CBS Sounds podcast we meet a 13-year-old who could be Britain’s youngest entrepreneur. Plus, we meet one of the newest members of the CBS Group family. 

Ellis Ranger joined CBS Group in July and tells us how the Kickstart Scheme helped him land his new job. Mya Tyler-Lovett and her father Dom discuss the struggles of starting a business and how Mya has been able to progress and recover from an early knockback in her career. 

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Are Food Hygiene Standards Slipping?

By Ellis Ranger

Across England, thousands of restaurants and eateries have been once again rated from 0 to 5 on their food hygiene rating. The ratings, from the Food Standards Agency, are given by environmental health inspectors from the local authority, and are made up of three basic fundamentals: 

  1. Management of food safety.
  2. Cleanliness and conditions of their facilities and the building.
  3. Hygienic food handling.

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