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Clean carpets at Christmas

Clean carpets at Christmas

Clean carpets at Christmas

If you are thinking about cleaning your home before Christmas, better to do it sooner than later to avoid disappointment. Here are some reasons why you should get your carpets cleaned before Christmas!

Impress picky relatives

Christmas is a time to get the family together. These means plenty of visitors in your home and lets face it there’s always some picky ones! If you’ve had your carpets professionally cleaned then you can be sure that your visitors will be impressed with how smart and tidy your home looks!

Stop the Winter dirt piling up

As the winter weather comes everything gets a bit more soggy, muddy and dirt seems to creep into the house. Don’t let it pile up and let become a mountain until after Christmas, get it sorted now so you can enjoy it over the Christmas period.

Avoid Festive allergies

It’s definitely worth getting getting your carpets professionally cleaned especially if you have pets. We will get rid of hair, mites and dirt. It’s also to keep mould at bay in these winter months. You don’t want to cause your visitors any unpleasant reactions do you?

Keep nasty smells away

If mess on your carpet isn’t cleaned properly it can start to smell. We don’t want your visitors running away from your home with pegs on their noses! Clean carpets at Christmas and bring back that lovely fresh cleaned carpet smell because there is nothing like it!

People tend to sit on the floor

The last thing you want is your floor to be a biohazard! Kids tend to sit on the floor and play with their new toys. It is surprisingly easy to transfer bacteria from the floor to kitchen surfaces, food and other places where you don’t welcome it. If you get your carpet cleaned before Christmas you will get rid of bacteria & dirt. You can be confident that your visitors will be comfortable, safe and happy. 

Do you think your home will benefit a carpet clean before Christmas? Give us a call today on 01480 220434 or email us at info@cbs-cleaning.org

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