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Commercial Window Cleaning: For A Clear Vision

By Ellis Ranger

When it comes to cleaning your desks or washing up the coffee mugs the job normally gets done. Even if it is pushed back a day or two, we always get round to performing these tasks.

So why is this different with windows? A lot of businesses avoid getting their windows cleaned due to it being a very low priority task. But in fact, there are a plethora of benefits to keeping your vision clear to the outside world.

To begin, it’s important to maintain the cleanliness of your windows as this helps stop degradation. Whilst this might seem very obvious, a lot of people still avoid getting windows cleaned.

If dirt and dust settle onto the pane of glass and it accumulates, it begins to etch away. Whilst the process is slow, it will continue to build up as long as your windows aren’t being cleaned, eventually deteriorating the effectiveness. Given the number of windows there are in an office block, this could become a major issue.

Building up

Leading on from the initial point is that vision is obscured if dirt is allowed to pile up internally or externally. Cleaning your windows regularly will allow more light to travel through and the removal of dirt will allow you to keep your vision clear. 

On top of this, as we edge into the colder months of the year, ensuring your windows are clear of grime and dust is important for allowing the sun’s heat to enter your property and reducing your energy bills!

Issues such as oxidisation and build up of dead insects and dirt can cause condensation issues. Fogging of the glass obscures vision and causes potential mould issues.

Boosting turnover

Furthermore, having clean windows will attract customers. Interiors should be well kept to impress potential customers. However, windows will also catch their eye, and if they remain dirty and dust ridden, this could steer away a potential buyer and cost your business.

Finally, ensuring you’re maintaining your windows will keep your from having to spend more on replacements in the future. This in turn saves you time and a lot more money. Everest, a leading window seller mention that the average price for new windows is anything between £500 to £3,200 depending on the style and make you require. It’s more economical to clean your windows every 6 months. 

How we can help

CBS Cleaning, part of CBS Group, can help you with your window cleaning needs whether it be part of a builders or commercial clean or end of tenancy clean. Your vision will be clear thanks to us. If you need help with windows, carpets, builders cleans or anything else, call us on 01480 220434 or email info@cbs-cleaning.org. 


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