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Confidential waste disposal

Solving Confidential Waste Disposal Issues

It goes without saying that documents with confidential information, confidential data, personal information and personal data can pose data protection issues. And no-one wants confidential documents falling into the hands of fraudsters so it’s crucial that confidential waste disposal issues are solved.

That’s why secure shredding is vitally important. A normal office shredder will work, but it has its drawbacks. They’re not always the fastest and can jam.

Plus, certain sections of shredded paper could be pieced back together. The process of shredding can also be very time consuming.

Business documents, bank statements, insurance forms and credit card details are just some of the pieces of information that criminals steal. So just how do you solve document shredding issues for your peace of mind?

The answer is to pick a confidential waste disposal company which uses industrial shredders. You will get a good destruction service and, as a result, secure destruction.

An industrial shredder differs from an office shredder because it has two rows of sharp steel cutters that slowly rotate. This turns paper into tiny pieces as opposed to long shreds. There is even such thing as a four shaft shredder, as this video shows.

A company’s service includes a certificate of destruction. This means you can be absolutely certain that your confidential paper is literally in pieces.

And did you know that CBS Waste now offers a confidential shredding service? Contact us today on 01480 220434 or email info@cbs-waste.org for a quote.


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