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Driveway drainage problems

Driveway drainage problems

Driveway drainage problems

You need to ensure that your driveway not only looks the part but also can cope with climate conditions. If driveway drainage problems are in danger of dampening your spirit, you’ll be please to know that with our help you can combat this common problem. 

Effects of driveway drainage problems

Rain is no stranger in the UK. Pooling and puddling can prove problematic, making your driveway dangerous. To prevent this problem we need to make sure that the water has somewhere it can drain into the ground. We also need to ensure there is adequate drainage beneath the top surface layer of your driveway. Long-term implications of driveway drainage issues stretch far beyond the driveways itself. If left unchecked long-term you could be faced with unwelcome maintenance and repair costs.

Causes of driveway drainage problems

Your driveway must have a means, by which water can flow away from it. Without this, water builds up with pooling and puddling resulting in a muddy mess. 

Many homes have driveways which slope towards their garage. This can prove detrimental to homes. When torrential downpours occur, water will flow towards your garage, and ultimately into your home in some instances as well. 

Excessive weather

Extremely heavy snow will result in excess water. It’s very important to have an adequate drainage system in place, to move the water away from problem areas.

Cracks and Holes

The consequent excess water remains held in the holes, and can even find its way down into your driveway’s foundations too, giving your driveway that sinking feeling-quite literally!

Resin driveway material is a porous surface, meaning surface water can drain easily and effectively.


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