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5 Answers to Your Questions About Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is an essential job as your gutters can fill up with muck and debris. But what a lot of people don’t realise is that a build up of mess can be the cause of even bigger problems. 

So just how important is gutter cleaning? We answer some of the big questions from frequency to what guttering supplies you might need.

How often should I clean out my gutters?

This is something we often debate online and homeowners have differing views. But gutters should be cleared at least once a year or even twice a year – once in the Spring and again in the Autumn although it will also partly depend on where you live. Living in a leafy suburb probably means your guttering needs extra clearance doing. Insurance firm LV also advise that clogged gutters could affect insurance claims. 

Can clogged gutters really damage my roof?

The short answer is yes. Full gutters will stop rain flowing away from the house so it won’t drain properly or flow down the walls of your house. When water continues to flood, it may cause a leaky or rotten roof and the solution really is as simple as cleaning them. Wooden roof patterns, for example, are porous and can absorb water.

How expensive can blocked gutters actually be?

Very in some cases. The structure of your house could be damaged and leave you with a hefty repair bill. Water can seep into your home through wall cavities and gaps in brickwork, which could cause damp and mould as well as affecting plastering. The damage can also affect the value of your property too.

What else should I check with my gutters?

According to insurance firm AXA, you should also be vigilant by looking out for rusty screws, faulty brackets and leaking joints which are all connected issues.

How can I clean out my gutters effectively?

Tools such as telescopic gutter cleaners, scrapers and scoops are suitable for this kind of job. You can buy tools for as little as a few pounds. But we recommend avoiding working at heights and using a system from the floor to prevent falls as it is safer. 


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