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How to get rid of maggots?

How do you kill maggots in your bins?

What are maggots?

Maggots are the larva stage of the common housefly. Flies are attracted to food and other similar types of rubbish; they lay their eggs on the rubbish and these hatch into maggots. The maggots form pupae and hatch into flies. The whole of this life-cycle on average can take up to 10 days in warm weather, and up to a month in cold weather.

You can quickly have an infestation on your hands as one fly can lay up to 100 eggs at a time. Flies seek out a place that is warm, has food and offers protection. Your wheelie bin is like heaven to them! In the summer months, your wheelie bin becomes more humid and warm, enhances the aroma of rotting food, which makes it even more inviting to flies. 

Why are you getting maggots?

Maggots only exist if flies have been allowed to have access to rubbish such as food waste or nappies. So if flies settle on this type of rubbish they may lay eggs, which will then hatch into maggots.

How do you kill maggots in a bin?
Boiling water

Pouring boiling water over maggots will kill them instantly and if you want to disinfect your bins thoroughly you could add bleach to the mix. Unfortunately this won’t prevent future infestations.


Another natural method you can use would be a mixture of vinegar and water which will kill the maggots and remove odour from your wheelie bin.


There are products you can buy from the store that will kill flies & maggots. These products will usually keep away pests for up to a week. Keep an eye out for products containing permethrin. 

Professional Cleaning

We offer both domestic & commercial bin cleaning. This service will professionally wash inside and outside of your bin. Your bin will be disinfected and kill 99% of bacteria. It will then be deodorised, leaving your wheelie bin smelling fresh and looking sparkling clean.

Stay maggot-free!

If you need help keeping your bins clean and maggot-free give CBS Cleaning a call on 01480 220434 today!


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