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How to avoid rubbish pests

How to avoid wheelie bin pests

There are a few pests that like lurking in your discarded waste materials and they have the ability to harbour harmful diseases that could potentially harm you and your family!

There are several steps you can take to keep these pests from taking up residence in and around your home. We are going to give you a few tips to keep those rubbish pests away!

Keep rubbish bins closed

Open rubbish bins are like an invitation for pests, they love the smell of rubbish and they enjoy feeding on discarded food. It’s always a good idea to keep your rubbish bins closes when you aren’t using them, especially at night. 

Keep rubbish & clutter contained

Never leave rubbish or waste around your homes exterior. This will provide easy access for pests to get inside your rubbish and make a mess. Ensure you contain all of your rubbish inside your sanitised bins. If all of your rubbish doesn’t fit inside your bins, leaving it in your garage until bin collection day would be the best idea.

Keep your homes exterior clean

Building that have poor sanitisation on the exterior attract mice, rats and more! Dirt, grime and rubbish heaps help pests thrive since they have access to food, shelter and water in these unclean areas.

Keep rubbish bins sanitised

Our bins build up layers of dirt, grime and debris at the bottom. This attracts pests like flies and other bacteria ridden insects that will try to make a home out of your rubbish bins. Keep your bins washed out a clean, read our bin cleaning process here.

Keep rats and flies away with exterior cleaning

Call a professional to maintain your homes exterior cleanliness, keep your family safe and your home environment pest-free!

Are you trying to keep rubbish pests away? Contact CBS Cleaning on 01480 220434 today to find out what we can do to help you fight against unwanted pests!


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