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How to get Christmas lights on your gutters safely

How to get Christmas lights on your gutters safely

How to get Christmas lights on your gutters safely

When you have gutters on your roof which protect your home its important that you know how to hang your lights. When you want to be the most Christmassy house in your street, it’s time you learn how to hang your lights across your gutters safely.


Make a start by measuring the length of lights that you need. You don’t want to get up there only to realise that you have the wrong length of lights. Choose lights that are suitable for outdoor use and make sure you have the right size clips depending on the size of your gutters.

Stay safe
  • Work with another person who will be able to steady the ladder and help pass you things that you need up. 
  • Put up the lights in the daylight and don’t wait until after work.
  • Wear shoes with a solid tread while working outdoors.
  • Don’t work with the string of lights plugged in. 
Step by Step
  • Determine whether you want your lights to hang vertically or horizontally.
  • Start at the closest outlet.
  • Remember that the male end of your lights get plugged in, don’t hang them upside down.
  • Each light will be attached individually to your gutter giving you a straight, even line of lights.
  • Be careful and make sure you don’t extend too far off of the ladders to avoid falls.
  • Move slowly across your gutter.
  • Add another string as necessary.
  • If you have lights left at the end of the gutter, run the lights down the corner of your house for decorative purposes.
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We hope you liked this blog ‘How to get Christmas lights on your gutters safely’. While you are hanging your lights, take time to check if there are any debris in your gutters or blockages. If you see anything and need help give us a call on 01480 220434 or email us at info@cbs-group.org.

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