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How To Revive Your Garden Furniture

England, Italy and Belgium have been some of the standout performers of Euro 2020 and in between games it’s nice to relax while sat on your garden furniture. 

And you might even fancy watching the matches outside if the weather allows and your extension lead stretches far enough. 

As tempting as it is to buy new garden furniture sets this summer, you should try giving your old garden table and chairs a new lease of life first.

There’s been a lot of football on TV, but if you fancy making a substitution of your own, you could swap your remote for the cleaning materials. Here are some top tips:

Avoid Chemical Reactions

Rattan, plastic and wooden garden furniture can be cleaned without the need for harsh or toxic chemicals. In fact, water mixed with mild detergents, dish soap and washing up liquid are your best options. After you’ve finished cleaning, rinse your garden furniture with water from a hose. 

Brush Up On Stains

A soft cloth is usually the only thing you need for cleaning. But there might be some more stubborn stains on your garden furniture. All you need to do is dip a bristle brush into the water mix and gently scrub. But be extra careful with a wooden furniture so you don’t scratch it.

Get In A Spin

Freshening up your cushions is another important job and cushion covers can usually just be put in the washing machine. Although you should always check the label first. Clean cushions add the finishing touch to your hard cleaning work.

Don’t forget to let your furniture dry out in an area away from direct sunlight. 

CBS Cleaning offers a range of jet washing services which includes deep cleaning of garden furniture. We can also come and clean your patio and other paved surfaces while we’re at it.

Our team use top quality pressure washing equipment that recycles the water and leave your surface free from algae and weeds. 

We work with both domestic and commercial clients. Book us today by calling 01480 220434 or info@cbs-cleaning.org. And visit CBS Group to find out more about our other services.


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