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Algae growth

How To Stem The Growth Of Algae

As well as hijacking our outdoor social plans, the growth of algae is another irritating issue caused by the recent torrential rain across the country.

And if you’re not planning on visiting any pubs with beer gardens anytime soon, it might be an idea to tackle your patio or driveway.

Algae thrives in damp and shady areas, so it’s not a surprise that heavy showers can accelerate its growth. 

Air and bacteria are not in short supply outdoors either which won’t help you in your quest to eliminate algae.

Algae poses problems such as making a surface slippery, which poses a safety risk, and it can make your patio slabs or driveway look unpleasant. 

According to the RHS, algae can also affect paths, paving, stone features, garden furniture and fencing.

So, what are your options?

Pressure washing

Due to their power, it makes sense to use a pressure washer to remove green algae. You can use biocide chemicals, but if you’re not experienced with a pressure washer you should try it out in an area where nothing is damageable. 

You should also make sure that surfaces are properly washed down after treatment. Don’t forget tools such as brushes to sweep the surface down either. Putting the pressure up too high can also do more harm than good.

CBS Cleaning offers a professional pressure washing service too on driveways and patios and you can book your clean online today. You won’t be disappointed once we’ve finished the job.

Specialist and ‘homemade’ cleaning products

There are bespoke cleaning products on the market designed and formulated for destroying algae without harming the environment. They are a better alternative to bleach or household cleaners which could damage your surface.

This is a slower process than pressure washing as once the algae remover has been diluted and poured onto a surface, it should be left for a couple of days. Unlike pressure washing, you can apply it using a watering can.

Some experts suggest chlorine and white vinegar as solutions, but both could harm plants and grass if you’re not careful. But you can dislodge pieces using a sharp knife to help with the process.

Don’t forget to book your driveway or patio clean with CBS Cleaning too.


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