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Norovirus & Covid-19: Why We Can’t Back One Cause Against Another

By Ellis Ranger

The grip Covid-19 has over the UK is easing, but a reoccurring issue is expected to enter the fray. It’s the norovirus or as we probably more commonly know it, the winter vomiting bug. Major news outlets are already advising the public to remain cautious as cases have begun to spike since the easing of the most recent lockdown.

Whilst the virus has been returning for years, it is important to ensure we are staying mindful of it, especially during what has been a strange time for everyone. Which is why we can’t back one cause against another if there are two viruses in circulation.

What is the norovirus? 

The norovirus is a highly contagious virus that causes inflammation of the stomach and intestines, leading to vomiting and diarrhoea. Whilst the symptoms normally pass within days, the virus can be deadly for people who have very weak immune systems. The most common areas of infection normally occur within pre-schools, playgroups and schools and with it being highly contagious, it spreads rapidly throughout both the younger and older generation. 

The thought of an upset stomach might not always ring alarm bells, but coupling it with coronavirus creates a nightmare. As we head into the autumn and winter months, it is more vital than ever that places are immaculately hygienic. With the emergence of the norovirus, cleaning companies will need to make sure covid cleans also take the winter vomiting bug into account.

A news article from the Guardian suggests that the virus has been more present during these final summer months than normal due to the easing of the lockdown. A record number of 154 outbreaks have been recorded in June, compared to the average of 54 recorded in June from the past five years. Experts pinpoint September and October as the most likely times of year for the norovirus to become prominent.

Fighting the viruses

So what can we do to ensure we are stopping the spread? It is important to upkeep the practices we are so used to now. Hand sanitisers are able to tackle both viruses equally, meaning they are imperative for a first line of defence. If you are still wearing masks in social settings this can help as the viruses are airborne. And places that where the public go are should continue extensive cleaning regimes for protection. But with both unpleasant at best, we definitely cannot back one cause against another.

Here to help

Companies such as CBS Cleaning offer deep covid cleans for domestic and commercial clients alike. And our high standard of cleaning we will give people the best chance of tackling a war that is now being fought on two fronts. Contact CBS Cleaning, part of CBS Group, on 01480 220434 or email info@cbs-cleaning.org.


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