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One Job You Mustn’t Forget During The June Heatwave

If recent reports are to be believed, a June heatwave is on the horizon. Hopefully, it will coincide with the lifting of all coronavirus restrictions and most of us will enjoy temperatures in excess of 20 degrees Celsius.

The Met Office have been trying to play down the idea of a June heatwave, but it’s hard for us not to get excited about barbecues, parties and or even just a day at the beach. Especially after the washout May has been.

There are many important jobs that need doing at this time of year including getting your garden organised. But there is one that is especially vital and that is getting your wheelie bins cleaned. Why?

It’s Your Responsibility

Getting your bins cleaned is essential for hygiene reasons and it’s up to you to get it sorted. Wheelie bins belong to local authorities, but their obligation is often just to empty them and not maintain them.

It Can Attract Flies

Your bins can become a hotspot for flies and a smelly bin is a dream environment for them. Flies lay eggs in bins which hatch into maggots. Experts say hacks for keeping flies out of bins include wrapping food in newspaper and putting natural herbs such as mint, lavender and elder in the bin or inside the lid. Washing off food packaging properly such as food trays and yoghurt pots is recommended too.

It Poses Dangers

A disgusting bin is enough to annoy your neighbours, but more worryingly it’s a health hazard. The hot weather will only make the smells worse. You’ll want your outdoor areas to smell nice too, especially if you want to have people round.

CBS Cleaning offers one-off bin cleans for £12 or four for £20 if you want to make it more regular. We also do commercial bin cleaning.

And if you want to carry out more work in your garden, CBS Cleaning can clean your paved areas with our pressure washing services. Our sister company CBS Waste, also part of CBS Group, can also remove any garden waste you want to dispose of.

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