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Pleased to introduce CBS Cleaning

Pleased to introduce CBS cleaning services. We have researched the market. Have purchased the machinery needed. Meet the rules and regulations. Have the logo completed. Have the environmentally friendly products. We are ready for those smelly bins!

What CBS cleaning services do we provide to our commercial and domestic clientele?

Here at CBS Cleaning we are able to clean your bins, driveways, internal property cleaning, storage space and external property cleaning.  These services are a great extension of our property, waste and removals services provided under the umbrella of CBS Group.

CBS cleaning provide quick, reliable, and fully commitment focused services and pride ourselves on being environmentally friendly as possible by using environmentally friendly products and processes leaving no waste or residue at the premises.  Our current locations for this area are based throughout Cambridgeshire with expansion in the areas of Peterborough and Bedfordshire working with households, housing associations, businesses, and schools.

Why use us?

  • Efficient company 
  • Improves hygiene
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Removes unwanted odours
  • Reduces risk of rodents and scavengers
  • Provide a positive client perception of your site
  • Ours prices start from as low as £10.00

CBS will attend your domestic or commercial premises on the day your bins have been emptied or the closest possible date.

CBS provides multiple cleans or a one-off service for empty bins.  We will clean your bins thoroughly internally and externally. Your bins will be sanitised and left with a pleasant aroma.  We will come supplied with the relevant tools and environmentally friendly products.  The waste water that comes from your bin being cleaned is disposed of legally. We offer various payment options to our customers.

Bins are a breeding ground for bacteria, germs (up to as many as 30 of those little rascals) and not forgetting that terrible nauseating odour.  Bins are mainly located close to doors or entrance and exit ways which can lead to pests’ infestations. 

Do not let your clients, staff, friends, and family get a bad impression of your home or business. Why let your bins become 5-star accommodation for rodents?  Contact us now on 01480 220 434 or visit our website to discuss your cleaning requirements.  Do not let your bins define your reputation.


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