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Problems with a brick driveway

Problems with a brick driveway

Problems with a brick driveway

Brick driveways are aesthetically pleasing but this comes at a cost! Bricks are often used for driveways, walkways, patios and edging. Despite proving popular, when it comes to matters of utility, the problems with a brick driveway start to show almost immediately. 

The diverse range of colours and patterns which is what entices the average homeowner to consider bricks. Although standard bricks are clay coloured and rectangular, many shapes and colours of bricks are now available. 

Common issues with brick driveways
  • Water can get into clay bricks which can create algae & lichen mounting on top of bricks
  • Decreased load-bearing capacity, bricks can easily chip and break
  • Dirt and spillages will slowly fade the facade of brick paving
  • Involves kilnwork and extra vehicles, using a far greater amount of energy in both the production and installation
  • Difficult to clean
  • Prone to cracks and wear and tear
  • Susceptible to weather damage
  • Impaired drainage capacity with rain pooling & puddling
  • Expensive for homeowners
  • Uneven and time consuming
Cleaning a brick driveway

A routine cleaning of a brick driveway would include: sweeping dirt & debris, as grit will slowly deteriorate driveways over many years. You can use an absorbent, or even an everyday product, such as cat litter, to mop up any oil spillages that occur over time. 

After a thorough cleaning of a brick driveway, applying a layer of sealant to brick paving is vital for maintaining a clean surface and preventing future weed growth. All-in-all a very time-consuming and challenging endeavour!

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