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Problems with Resin Driveways

Problems with Resin Driveways

Problems with Resin Driveways

Resin provides a highly durable surface for your driveway, but what about problems with Resin driveways?

Here at CBS want to provide you with some handy know how. This way you can prevent some problems ruining your beautiful new resin driveway. 

Choose your contractor carefully

Standard or workmanship definitely plays a huge part in the quality and longevity of your resin driveway. Resin sets very quickly so it needs to be worked efficiently to ensure the resin are spread, levelled and smoothed before the resin becomes too stiff. Resin driveways require skill and adequate protective measures. For this reason, this type of surfacing is best laid by experienced, expert contractors to avoid problems.

Planning permission

Planning permission is not usually needed for resin driveways. However, this is not a generic rule, every council is unique. The best solution is to contact your council and get their permission first!

When weeds attack

Surface cracks can cause considerable concern. An accurate resin to stone ratio needs to be achieved during mixing so that both work together effectively. The wrong ratio could end in distastrous results such as cracking. From cracking comes rampant weed growth. 

Problematic patches

The setting time for resin depends on temperature. Dry conditions are most conducive to installation, as moisture can prevent the resin from curing. Consequently, the weather needs to stay dry for around 4 hours after the installation is complete to prevent white patches from forming.

Always take your time to do your preliminary research and choosing a contractor. Five star reviews provides a good indicator of the reputability of a company. Although all driveway materials have their drawbacks, problems with resin driveways are few and far between, and in terms of a driveway material where form matches function, resin definitely takes some beating.

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