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We have started a new side to the business with our removals service.Covering single item, house and office removals. We are going to get our van labelled with our CBS Removals logo. CBS are setting up the back office ready for a smooth operation.

Currently looking into recruiting a 2-man team to run the van.

If you looking to move house here are some tips to help have a smooth move.

Here are our top 5 tips to ensure the best possible house removal:

  1. Prepare a House Removal List

    This is perhaps the most important, yet most overlooked step. You may think you’ll remember everything, but unfortunately when the move comes, things can easily get lost! Create a list that you can check and cross-check to make sure all your goods are packed. Make a list for big home appliances and another for smaller items like jewellery, important documents and so forth. The last thing you want to do is forget or leave something behind!

  2. Pack Smart. Pack Efficiently.

    This is an area where many people want to save money, and it’s understandable, since they’re just boxes, right? Get sturdy, stable, high quality boxes and packing material. You can even make up abbreviations or hints as to the contents of the box. It’s worth hiring a reputable house removals company with the correct insurance.

  3. Transporting Your Pet the Safe (And Calm) Way

    Every pet has their own personality, and no matter how calm you are, they’ll know something is different on the day you choose to move. Most pets, especially dogs and cats, like routine. Some even like to travel, but others don’t. We advise not keeping your pet with you on the day of the actual house removal because of the unnecessary stress. If possible, ask a friend or family member to keep your pet for a day or two so that you can get the house removal process underway without stressing your companion.

  4. Stay Well-Fed and Hydrated

    We often find that in the house removals process, customers don’t often think about getting enough to eat or drink until they realize that their cooking utensils and foodstuffs are in boxes! Take time to prepare meals ahead of time and keep drinks easily available, since house removal can make you work up quite a thirst and make your stomach rumble!

  5. Moving In with Your Life Partner

    If you’re moving in with your life partner, it’s very common to discover that you suddenly have two sets of common home appliances including vacuum cleaners, washing machines, crockery, cutlery and so on. So before the move it is best to discuss this and work out the best equipment to keep and sale or give to charity.

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