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This Is Why Space Management Matters

The pandemic is easing, but there are still uncertainties about when we will fully return ‘to normal’. But one thing that is certain is that business owners and landlords will need to pay more attention to space management.

They have to ask themselves some important questions regarding how they will operate going forward and adapt for the future.

So, what exactly is space management? Space management is defined as managing the inventory of an organisation’s physical space. 

And it is priceless for commercial clients. But why does it matter? And what might prompt someone to rethink their office or building space?

Working schemes

Some businesses have already adapted hybrid working schemes and others will follow suit. If fewer people are in the office, is there an opportunity to rejig space? If you know how many staff are in each day or week, then there’s potential for hot desking. Converting permanent desks into hot desks will save space.

Being spaced out

Businesses who want to start having more face-to-face meetings might want bigger rooms so people as social distancing may still be a consideration. Or they may even want to have purpose-built meeting rooms to save all activity from happening in the main space at the same time. A safe working environment will encourage people to come back to the office at least part of the time.

Moving with the times

Organisations have had mixed fortunes during the pandemic. Ones that have had a downturn will want to reduce their overheads. One way they could do this is to join forces with other businesses by allowing them to rent space in their office. Thriving businesses, on the other hand, could be eyeing up more space to reflect their growth.

There’s also no harm in moving tea rooms closer to the main part of the office so they can get a drink and get back to work in less time. And creating extra break areas is no bad thing.

And that’s where CBS Group comes in. We help clients all over the United Kingdom overhaul their offices and work spaces to create perfect post-pandemic environments. 

We want to be at the heart of the action as businesses begin their overhauling. Contact us today for a quote. Call 01480 220434 or email info@cbs-group.org.



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