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Stop Your Bin From Being A Fly’s Paradise

A bin is designed for putting waste in and every week we fill them up with green waste, food, recyclables and black bags for collection.

But if a bin is not cleaned properly or rubbish is not disposed of correctly, it can become a hotbed for flies and maggots and potentially a health hazard.

No-one wants to get sick especially as there’s a risk of bacterial poisoning if flies get onto food meant for human consumption.

Cleaning your bin is the most obvious way to keep pests at bay and CBS Cleaning offers one-off and regular services.

But how else can you stop your bin from being riddled with flies and maggots? Here are some top tips.

Wrap Your Scraps

The more layers of protection something has, the harder it is for flies to get at it. That’s why double wrapping food scraps, pet waste and nappies is a wise idea.

Make It A Wash Out

We don’t mean putting rubbish out in the rain. What you should do is rinse out cans, jars, bottles, packaging and also food trays to reduce odours.

Keep It Closed

As obvious as it sounds, keeping your bin lid closed is important because it reduces the risk of flies getting in. People often ask: ‘do maggots turn into flies?’ Yes, as flies lay eggs which evolve into maggots.

Use Natural Remedies

Citronella is a natural oil and because flies can’t stand it, it’s perfect. Citronella is available in stick and candle form and is free from nasty chemicals.

But you should still get your bins professionally cleaned regularly and CBS Cleaning can do a one-off bin clean for £12 or four for £20.

We use top of the range pressure washing machines that recycle water and no part of a bin is missed.

Book us today. You can also contact us on 01480 220434 or email info@cbs-cleaning.org. And find out about our sister companies and other services here.


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