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The Surprising Chores That Make Us Happy

A Bank Holiday weekend is something that makes many of us happy. The same goes for sunny days, watching our favourite shows, home cooked food and having a cup of tea.

But there’s something else that’s bringing a smile to our faces. And you would be surprised what it is given its reputation for being dull in the eyes of many.

According to a recent survey by Marigold about things that make Brits happy, cleaning is firmly on the list.

Of the 50 activities on the list, several were cleaning-related which shows that cleaning is doing our wellbeing the world of good. They are:

Cleaning Windows

Clean windows improve the overall appearance of homes – inside and outside – which is why they should not just be clean, but also streak-free.

Buying Cleaning Products

Shopping is an important job and even in the pandemic, we’ve all needed to pop to the shops for essentials. Cleaning products are especially important in keeping our homes free from Covid.

Using A New Sponge

An old, battered sponge is usually one that has been put to good use. But a new sponge allows us to keep things fresh and hygienic in our mission to keep our houses clean.

Kitchen Jobs

Washing up can take some effort, especially if we’ve just eaten a delicious meal. But once people have done it and tidied the kitchen, they have smiles on their faces.

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleans are still crucial because it’s still spring. But more importantly, a clean home is especially important if we want to socialise indoors. Finishing a spring clean gives us a real boost.

Admiring Our Handiwork

Cleaning is something that without doubt makes us feel good. But it’s a nice feeling when you can kick back and relax, knowing you did an excellent job.

Dancing to our favourite music while cleaning and cleaning videos on social media are also popular.

Cleaning is also something that makes us smile. If you’re pressed for time and need someone to help, get in touch with CBS Cleaning.

Our services include carpets, window cleaning, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, builders cleans, one-off cleans, deep cleans and more. 


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