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Welcome to our first profile


Welcome to our first profile of one of our team members! We hope that this gives you more insight about us as a company and the amazing staff that work here. We have chosen George, one of our operatives out in the field carrying out Bin cleaning, gutter clearing and property maintenance. 

Can you tell us what you do at CBS?
  • Bin cleaning
  • Gutter clearing
  • Property maintenance
Where do you see CBS in the next year?

A more established, well-known and trustworthy company.

What are your credentials/past experience for working in your position?

Worked previously as a maintenance man and learning everything maintenance through my hobbies and interests!

What do you like about working at CBS?

I love working for CBS because it’s a family run business, everyone knows everyone! Staff all get treat fairly and nobody is forgotten.

Okay let’s get personal…

What is your favourite quote?

“On it like a car bonnet”

“If in doubt go flat out”

“Work hard, dream big”

Those are very interesting quotes but what’s your top 3 favourite Podcasts/Books/Songs?

I have quite a few favourite songs so I will just give you my favourite genres which are…rap, grime & bass!

What are the values that drive you?

Work hard for what you want because after all nothing comes for free. 

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

I love motocross, go karting, mechanics and driving! 


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