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What are electrostatic sprayers?

What are electrostatic sprayers?

What are electrostatic sprayers?

Electrostatic spraying is a cleaning method of applying a disinfectant, or other liquid, that involves applying an electric charge to a liquid in order to get it to fully cover a surface. This results in a more efficient disinfecting process with several advantages. Electrostatic spraying has multiple advantages over other coating methods. The electrostatic charge applied gives a more even and full coat than other methods used. 

Benefits of Electrostatic Spray Disinfection
  1. Applies chemicals in a more controlled and efficient manner while removing germs and reducing virus spread
  2. Prevents costly financial costs with contagious healthcare infections
  3. Reduces how long it takes to disinfect all surfaces by 50% to conventional disinfecting methods
  4. Disperses very fine particles in order to completely coat and disinfect surfaces
How Electrostatic Spraying Disinfection Works

Electrostatic spraying is a fast and effective way to disinfect surfaces, and reduce the spread of viruses. When the positively charged disinfectant liquid is sprayed onto a negatively charged surface, the disinfectant liquid particles are strongly and naturally attracted to the surface. Since the entire surface is negatively charged, the entire surface will be covered by the disinfectant liquid, leading to uniform coverage. Once the surface is covered to a certain thickness by the disinfectant liquid particles, the airborne particles that remain become too far away from the surface to be attracted by the negative charge. 

The remaining disinfectant liquid does not stick, leading to an even coat throughout the surface. The electrostatic spraying method disperses very fine and atomized particles into the air in order to coat surfaces. When done correctly, the transfer efficiency of the liquid particles onto a surface is very high. This means that there are little or no airborne mists. As a best practice, you should wear a standard mist/dust mask during the application, along with eye and hand protection.

Examples Where Electrostatic Spraying Is Beneficial
  1. Healthcare: Terminal Patient Room Cleaning
  2. Education: Classrooms, fitness equipment, bathrooms, wrestling mats, buses, and lunchrooms.
  3. Food Service: Sanitizing surfaces and equipment. 
  4. Odor Counteraction: Application of bio enzymatic cleaners for odor counteraction in bathrooms and other enclosed spaces. 

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