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What Does ‘Plan B’ Mean For The Cleaning Industry?

The government’s winter coronavirus plans are in the spotlight again with Plan B in particular proving to be a real talking point. According to some reports, the Prime Minister isn’t ready to bring it in yet while others suggest it’s on the horizon following the government’s prediction of a “challenging winter.”

In a desperate bid to avoid a fourth lockdown since March 2020, the government introduced a Plan A and Plan B in September. Either or both plans could be brought in should Covid-19 cases spiral out of control again this winter.

More and more 12-15 year olds are being vaccinated. Meanwhile other measures on the plans include the reintroduction of face coverings, so-called Covid passports and work from home orders.

The second of the government’s two plans is on everyone’s lips. But what does Plan B mean for the cleaning industry? 

Additional school call-outs

Schools have had to take drastic action due to rising cases and face coverings will become a familiar sight again. Strict cleaning regimes have been brought in already at schools in Worcestershire while a Welsh headteacher has gone beyond the call of duty by combining her teaching duties with cleaning. Such measures mean cleaning companies who have contracts with schools will be working round the clock. 

The ongoing need for Covid cleans

Away from schools, workplaces still need to be safe for employees. And guidance from the Health and Safety Executive points out that cleaning regimes should be included in a company’s standard risk assessment. Companies will still be doing Covid cleans and can expect surfaces, equipments and wash facilities to be on their checklist. The HSE says that cleaning shouldn’t be restricted to one time and can be done throughout the day.

Plan B is going to keep the cleaning industry on its toes and cleaners can expect a busy few months. If you need help with commercial cleaning services, call us on 01480 220434 or email info@cbs-cleaning.org. CBS Cleaning is a sister company of CBS Group.


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