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What to look for when choosing a pressure washing company

What to look for when choosing a pressure washing company

What to look for when choosing a pressure washing company…You want your patio or driveway cleaned but you want to make sure you get the right company for the job? 

If you are choosing a supplier purely based on price, you are unlikely to get the best results for the job.

However, if your looking to get the best results check out our tips below:


Our operatives have undertaken Pressure washing safety awareness courses and always wear PPE including work boots, gloves, eye protection when performing pressure washing. Somebody getting injured on your property due to ignoring basic safety precautions is the last thing you would want! To avoid this nightmare, always ask the provider if the person carrying out the work has safety qualifications and how many years of pressure washing experience they have. 


Some companies just are not equipped to provide the best results. Small domestic grade pressure washers are fine for cleaning your car. We would recommend you choose a provider with equipment that can produce at least 3000psi of pressure. The high pressure helps with the removal of stubborn mould and algae on your patio. Our equipment cleans stubborn stains and gets the best results without damaging the surface.

Knowledge & Experience

We are totally equipped for the job due to having years of pressure washing experience. Some companies who use the wrong tools or incorrect cleaning methods can damage your surfaces.

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