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Why An Office Clean Should Be Top Priority

In an ideal world, employers will have carried out a deep office clean ahead of their staff returning from July 19th when nearly all restrictions are due to ease. Chancellor Rishi Sunak says he wants workers back in the office from the 19th.

It would make perfect sense to do so, especially if an office is closed. From a safety perspective, cleaners feel more comfortable knowing they won’t risk coming into contact with anyone.

Plus it gives cleaners the chance to carry out their work during regular working hours with no-one else around. And aside from vaccines, cleaning is one of the best forms of defence against Covid.

A return to office work is a boost for retailers as people are more likely to pop into shops or get food-to-go while out and about. But the end to the work from home order has, in the eyes of some, provided more questions than answers about how businesses can operate going forward. 

And the clock is ticking for businesses to get themselves ready for the so-called Freedom Day. It won’t come as a surprise if some will keep some precautions in place like sanitisation stations. 

But only optional face coverings will make some bosses feel uneasy as well as an end to social distancing. But businesses should get an office clean booked in as soon as possible for returning staff. 

And that’s where CBS Cleaning comes in. Office cleaning is a service we offer and we can be your first port of call should you need a clean following an outbreak. We work safely within any government guidelines that are in force at the time of our jobs. And we have many satisfied customers who’ve had a cleaning service from us.

Contact us today by calling 01480 220434, emailing info@cbs-cleaning.org or sending a message through our Facebook page. CBS Cleaning is part of CBS Group which offers a wide range of other services.


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