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Why driveway cleaning is an important part of property maintenance in autumn

Why driveway cleaning is an important part of property maintenance in autumn

Why driveway cleaning is an important part of property maintenance in autumn

Many people enjoy a good spring clean. This is a great chance to declutter and start the year in a clean state. We like to make our properties look their best in time for the flowers to bloom so that we can enjoy our homes and gardens throughout the summer.

But what about now? Preparing your house for the winter is just as important! We are inviting friends and family round our houses, and surely you want your property to look spick and span for Christmas time?

Why should you schedule your driveway/patio clean in autumn?

You might think it’s silly scheduling in a patio or driveway clean when it’s constantly raining. This is the PERFECT time to do it! The constant rain and cool temperatures can make your driveway or patio a health & safety hazard. The autumn conditions are perfect haven for moss growth!

Wet moss and algae can become a slip hazard. Things can become even more hazardous when ice is added to the mix. By arranging a professional driveway & patio cleaning this autumn, you’ll be starting winter moss-free!

How should your driveway be cleaned this autumn?

We will provide driveway & patio cleaning services using exactly the right equipment, including pressure washers to clear algae and moss from your driveway. 

Which surfaces are at most risk?

Wooden surfaces like decking, are at risk of considerable algae growth. Wooden surfaces can become slippy in wet weather and so can your patio and driveway. 

What about other people?

If you think you can walk around carefully and don’t need to invest in driveway or patio cleaning, think about other people! Those that make deliveries to your house, family & friends visiting etc. Keeping your driveway & patio clean is your responsibility. By arranging for us to come and clean your driveway or patio, you reduce the chance of injury and will have a beautiful home exterior to show off to your friends & family. 

Arrange your patio and driveway cleaning today, give us a call on 01480 220434 or email us at info@cbs-group.org

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