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Clean your gutters before Christmas

Why should you clean your gutters before Christmas

Clean your gutters before Christmas

Although it may seem like a chore, gutter cleaning is an important part of your home maintenance schedule. Your gutters are an important part of your house and they need to function properly. So when should you clean your gutters?

The timing of cleaning your gutters can help prolong its life and minimise the damage. We would say the best time to clean your gutters is when the season changes from autumn to winter. This is typically a good time to conduct gutter maintenance. 

Gutters put the rainwater where you want it, rather than straight onto your lawn, or any garden beds. Without gutters, rainwater would erode soil surrounding your house and eventually lead to pooling. The pooling would then seep into your house’s foundations.

Gutters get clogged, even if you don’t live on a wooded lot or have many leaves. It’s a good time to clean your gutters before winter arrives because the leaves have collected in one place and these need to be removed to allow the water to flow freely. Once winter comes, that standing water will freeze, which in turn makes more water build up and freeze. This water becomes a heavy material which will put an extra strain on your gutters causing them to sag or fall out of alignment. 

Although gutter cleaning could be a DIY project, it is a good idea to leave it to the trained professionals who can clean gutters efficiently and reliably. We provide a full gutter clearance to prevent any problems from arising. Clean your gutters before Christmas! Give us a call on 01480 220434.

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