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Will A Carpet Cleaning Boom Happen in 2021?

Carpet cleaning is a very important job and should be booked in at least once a year. After all, professional carpet cleaning is the surefire way to remove stains, bacteria and viruses.

If your carpet is off-colour or stained, a clean will restore it to its former glory and will be money well spent. But can demand for this service really take off this year? 

A recent survey suggests so. The research by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) looked at how businesses performed in late-May and mid-June. They measured sales in supermarkets as well as hardware, furniture, carpet, department, clothes and DIY stores.

Carpet shops were among the standout performers, something helped significantly by the home improvement boom during the pandemic. But the re-opening of shops under the government’s unlocking plan was arguably the biggest reason for the impressive figures.

And people buying new carpets will want to make sure they don’t wear out quickly or become filthy beyond salvation. Quite rightly, they will want to get many years usage out of them.

While the research is not conclusive, Covid-19 is said to be able to live on surfaces for anything between two hours and nine days. The relaxing of lockdown rules and the European Championships have opened up more indoor social opportunities. 

And things will be accidentally spilled sometimes. Not only that, we should make sure our homes are welcoming and clean for our guests anyway. On that evidence, more of us will be needing carpet cleaning services and that’s where CBS Cleaning comes in.

What we do

We clean domestic and commercial carpets and use the best equipment on our jobs. Our team also uses chemicals responsibly so your smelly or discoloured carpet can be revived without causing damage.

Contact us for a quote via our Facebook page, by emailing info@cbs-cleaning.org or calling 01480 220434. 


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