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What is World Mental Health Day?

World Mental Health Day

Sometimes we say we are fine, when we are not. World Mental Health Day is on 10 October every year. This day has overall aim of raising awareness of mental health issues around the world and creating positive changes that support and improve mental health.


Most people suffering with mental health problems report being misunderstood by family members, shunned and ignored by friends, work colleagues and health professionals, called names and much worse by neighbours.

Stigma is the perception that a certain attribute such as suffering from mental health problems makes a person unacceptably different from others, leading to prejudice and discrimination against them.

Mental health stigma and discrimination prevent people from seeking help which often delays treatment and impair recovery. Stigma often creates isolation. Stigma excludes people from day-to- day activities and makes it hard to build relationships. It can stop people getting or keeping jobs.

Why do employees feel that they can’t talk about their own mental health at work?
  • 56% of UK adults said they would not hire someone with depression.

  • It is perhaps not surprising, therefore,
    that less than half of employees say they would feel able to talk openly with their line manager if they were suffering from stress and why only 11% of employees have discussed a recent mental health problem with their line manager.

  • A quarter of people have considered resigning due to stress.

  • 35% of people think they would be less likely to get a promotion if they have depression.

What are we doing?

This week we have completed some activities as a company to raise awareness. We have learnt how common mental health problems are. We have also debunked some of the myths that mental health conditions might hold. 

To see more information about what we have been up to this week please visit our Facebook Page or visit our latest News & Updates page


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